Austere - Withering Illusions and Desolation (Eisenwald)

DSBM at its finest.
Release Date: 
29 Oct 2013 (All day)

Don't judge a book by its cover. And I really mean that when I say it. Sometimes in life you just have to randomly pick a movie from a billion selections and it does not matter what kind of movie it is or if you know what the plot is about-- you will sit down and watch that dang movie!

That's what I did with Austere. I’m all about trying new things and I chose this album and artist randomly. You’ll just never know if you will end up liking something or not. That’s the fun of it and life in general, right?

Austere was categorised under black metal and let me tell you something... I'm all about dark and "kvlt" things. This album is completely different from the typical black metal I listen to. First off all, the music's decent—nothing memorable and extraordinary. Though it seems like there's some distorted posi ambient vibe going on (which reminds me a bit of Deafheaven) but at the same time, it is embedded with tormented and extremely high-pitched shrieks. Those kind of vocals aren’t my cup of tea but it adds more emotional weight towards the album which I guess, is a good thing. I'm not exactly sure if it goes well together in my ears but for some other people, it just may.

Withering Illusions and Desolation is a five track album. Short but sweet? Kind of. The songs mostly reach over six minutes. I think my favourite off of the entirety of the album is Coma but that’s because it is an instrumental piece that sounds like the mainstream version of Sunn O))). This album does have some good highlights that I’ve picked up on while listening such as the rage and anger the vocalist has buried very deep inside of him that has that transitioned in his tortured vocals that this album represents. It is dark and cathartic. Other than that, without sugar-coating my opinion, the rest just seems repetitive and bland and just completely tasteless.

To put it bluntly— it was like listening to a guy being mutilated very, very, verryyyyy slowly. They could remaster it to make the sound quality better but I guess it’s all about that raw and raunchy “I Recorded It In My Basement With A Tape Recorder” when it comes to underground black metal sometimes. But if it IS remastered, then I personally think they should remaster it again. Overall, I’m not exactly a fan of Withering Illusions and Desolation, but it was still worth a try if you're hardcore into DSBM. It may just be your cup of tea.