Viter - Dzherelo (Casus Belli Musica)

Ukrainian band Viter re-releases debut EP, Dzherelo, via Casus Belli Musica. Dzherelo is a cornucopia of aural pleasures that will delight music lovers everywhere.
Release Date: 
20 Sep 2012 (All day)

Russian record label Casus Belli Musica is releasing a second press of the debut EP by Ukrainian band Viter. Viter created an uber interesting EP with Dzherelo. It was originally released in the autumn of 2010. The re-release dropped on September 20th.  There is not really one category you can put the music into. The album has shades of Viking music, wisps of ambient new age /world music, dollops of folk music and an odd mixture of Native American and aboriginal sounds. The instrumentation used is varied. It is an unusual sound of bagpipes, drums, tambourines, flutes, and many sounds that I can't identify. One of those instruments is a local poisonous plant called a 'hogweed'. Apparently the hogweed has a very large pipe and it was the brainchild of Viter's founder, Yulian Mytsyk, to add it and its sound to his band.

Dzherelo is a joy to listen to. To wit, you can't just listen to it once. The whole of the album is twenty-five minutes but it's not nearly enough time to digest everything that you heard. Yulian Mytsyk also helms lead vocal duties as well as playing various instruments he created using the hogweed. He is joined by Sviatoslav Adept on guitar and folk instruments. Rounding out this very inventive band is Volodymyr Derecha also on guitar, bass player Bohdan Potopalskyi and Serhiy Krasutsky on drums.

Even though many of the songs feature traditional Ukrainian instruments, a chicken, and poisonous plant tubes; Viter also have an electronica industrial metal sound. Take a song like Vydrizh. It has the chunky movement of a metal tune. Vydrizh has wicked guitars and bombastic drumming. It has low menacing vocals. It's operatic and evil. But it's not just a metal tune. Vydrizh is so much more. Viter have added an aural dimension and depth that make thier album quite unique. Krov Tikae is also a solid punishing metal tune. It's worthy of head banging or launching long boats into the nearest body of water with the intent of pillaging a neighbouring village. The vocals have a hard steely edge. The guitars alternate between power riffs and ethereal musings. Serhiy Krasutsky's drumming is top notch. The duo "flute" and guitar solo is positively hypnotic. Krov Tikae is as heavy as any Moonspell song.

Viter created a timeless body of work with Dzherelo. It's an experimental leap that just totally works. If Dzherelo piques your interest, pick up their first full-length album called Springtime. Springtime was released earlier this year and you can listen to it on the Viter website: