Various Artists - Stargazing Under Southern Skies (Art As Catharsis)

Release Date: 
15 Oct 2012 - 12:30am

Metalheads know their musicians are a talented bunch and while this compilation isn’t exactly metal, I think everyone who gives it a whirl will be thinking ‘Fuck! These musicians are good’. Stargazing Under Southern Skies is another spankingly excellent release from Art As Catharsis; a compilation of top-notch Australian bands to make your heart surge with nationalistic pride (though not in a horrible racist way). Call it shoegaze, call it indie post rock, call it whatever. I personally call it a collection of evocative tunes to arouse the heart and genital area.
Where to start with this beautiful outpouring? Well, there’s the rumbling guitar work and stinging drums of Cinematic by Dumbsaint, a tune that switches between the achingly beautiful to twinkling guitars (but oh, what twinkles!) and back again and all the while the track is punctured by some glorious stinging drum-work.

Or perhaps you might prefer the delightful piano work on Throw Us to the Wind by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, which further blurs the line between art and music with guitar work reminiscent of Ernest Ranglin. It's full of crazy stop/start timing too, just to titilate the ear some more. There’s just too much beauty on this album, and I’m drowning in the dripping gorgeousness of it all.

I won’t list every band on here but suffice to say every musician on this release should immediately be hailed as a hero and have a big statue of themselves erected in their hometowns.  Avid fans could then throw flowers and objects of worship at said statues while simultaneously gazing at their own footwear. Shoe-gaze? Whatever. Put simply, it’s just damn fine musicianship on every track. Chuck in on the stereo when you need a break from all that grind-core and black metal, slip into a nice warm bubble bath and relax with some fine cask wine. Lovely.

And did I mention you can get it for the golden price of 'pay what you want'? See the linky below....