Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats - Blood Lust (Metal Blade)

Quality tunes on vintage gear...
Release Date: 
20 Nov 2012 - 12:30am

Another example of the joy to be gained from using analogue gear and two part harmonies; Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats bring you Blood Lust, an album of fuzz drenched, murky rock. And bloody fine it is too.

By utilising vintage equipment, these fellows have come up with something, well… vintage. Like Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell (and to a lesser degree, Ichabod) Uncle Acid have created an album of damned catchy songs, all done without leaning too far into the territory of ‘ridiculously heavy’. But wait! Yes, this is Metal As Fuck but don’t write these gentlemen off just yet – give this album a go – it’s well worth it.
The opener I’ll Cut You Down starts with the hum of amp and some sampling before the bass clamps on to your face and a catchy riff draws you in. Snappy percussion and filtered vocals drag you back through time to a period of impeccable song writing. It’s got a touch of Sabbath, a touch of Neil Young, a splash of 70’s and lashings of groove. Totally awesome.

And that’s pretty much the summary for every track on here. Every song is a blinder; from the slow, psychedelic wailing of Curse in the Trees to the finger-popping, heart-stopping I’m Here to Kill You; every one of them will hook you in. The album maintains integrity without the fetid stench of commercialism. The roaming duel guitar solos almost remind me of The Doors and the album is always over before you know it so you’ll keep going back to it because it’s just so freaking good.

The bass on Ritual Knife is engorged and the vocal-lines leer at you from the speakers like Pan in the undergrowth.  I think this album is destined to become a classic – it maintains pace and grunt without forfeiting quality song writing – and will definitely serve as a soundtrack to all manner of saucy exploits. Even the (acoustic) bonus track Down to the Fire has a Led Zep tinge to it. Get it and get down.