Strikemaster - Vicious Nightmare (

Primitive dog-styled vocals, bugles, mayhemic obliteration, etc... this must be an old school thrash album, right?
Release Date: 
13 Feb 2012 - 11:30pm

Strikemaster are surely a band after my own heart. Primal thrashers to a man, they all clearly long for a return to the days of brutal crossover supremacy, with Vicious Nightmare being a glorious reminder of just how exciting the thrash scene was in the mid eighties.

Actually, I don’t remember anything in the mid eighties being as excitng as Strikemaster’s Rabid Abstraction. At one point during this song the band are playing so fast that vocalist Col. Kmu resorts to barking like a dog just to keep up – now that’s thrash.

Originally released in 2009 but brought to the masses by the good people at Metalhit, Vicious Nightmare is a frantically uncomplicated tribute to everything that was great about thrash before the suits moved in and diluted the scene by swamping it with their Wall Street infected Vulture piss, The Road to Na Trang – being Mexican doesn’t stop Strikemaster from singing about Vietnam – is a magnificent slice of crossover mayhem, complete with hilarious military bugle and shout of ‘CHAAAARRRRGGGGGE’  as the band crash through the song, mental-style. If you love the first two Slayer albums, and ain’t averse to a bit of D.R.I. or Cryptic Slaughter bringing a bit of punk fibre to your metal diet then youse are all gonnas love this. Municipal who? Toxic what?