Satanic Bloodspraying – At the Mercy of Satan (Hells Headbangers Records)

It's an all out war from hell. Satan's rejoicing. Another South American band has released an album!
Release Date: 
17 Jul 2012 - 12:30pm

Always surpassing themselves, Hells Headbangers keep on releasing an album better than the last one they put out, and this debut of Satanic Bloodspraying from Bolivia has got me by the balls! 

If you are still ignoring the South American underground it’s time to open your eyes:

Merging the sounds of Sarcófago, Nifelheim, Beherit, Vulcano and the roaring of Tom Warrior (Uh!!), this band premieres in the world of music with an incredible 24-minute album, with inspired songcraft, over the top riffs (that emulate the old gods of extreme metal) and  a decent production.

Draining Blood is a very short start, put there to set the minds for the cemeterial sensations but the song Satanic Skullfuck, with a touch of the almighty Von, tears the place apart. Die-hards shall cream with parts like UHHHHH, UHHHHH, UHHHHH in the middle of the song. It’s extremely primitive. 

Tetragrammaton has a riff totally plagiarized from Sarcófago’s Nightmare, just to explode in a Beheretian blasphemy when the the name of the song is the chorus. 

Necro Dominatrix seems a song created by the Canadian school of true metal. It’s pure Blasphemy in form and execution.

Back to the old Brazilian school of extreme metal, this time with March of the Dead, a song which has a dramatic riff, with two stanzas sung and the middle part after the refrain which abbreviates to: March of Dead… FROM HELL! (hahahah) than the UH… AH… UH, AH, UH (it’s important to say the other things here) makes me melt everytime I hear it, it’s purely perfect. Where were these cats hiding? 

Wrath of Baal and The Day the Earth Stood Still continue with the blowout nuclear riffs, desecration and debauchery on the altar of impure Gods. 

The title-track, At the Mercy of Satan is one of those pharaonic closers that includes all possible blasphemies and profanations encased in a warhead, which then explodes all at once out of the blue: ARRRRGGGGHHHH. Pure fucking Armageddon for REAL black and deathbangers. 

If you are a collector, I strongly recommend that you to buy this album, especially in vinyl to increase the violence and satanic destruction. 



At the Mercy of Satan  is out now on Hells Headbangers Records