Lord Agheros - Demiurgo ( My Kingdom Music )

“Demiurgo” is a magnificent concept divided in two parts representing the two faces of the soul: the evil and the good.
Release Date: 
26 Nov 2012 (All day)

Lord Agheros was Formed  in 1999  in Catania, Sicily, Italy. Being no stranger to the music world releasing Hymn in 2007, As a Sin in 2008 and Of Beauty and Sadness in 2010, the master of Italian black metal is back with one of the most incredible, complex and amazing releases this reviewer has ever heard entitled Demiurgo.. Lord Agheros is the product of Gerassimos Evangelou (Spoilshroud), and according to the press release, the new LP is "a wonderful atmospheric piece of music that fits in well with these dark times".

Demiurgo is a magnificent concept divided in two parts representing the two faces of the soul: the evil and the good.

Chapter 1- The night in the infernal reign begins with Prologue which sets the tone for this delirious journey. Eris  hits with its nightmarish lullaby and screams of a tortured soul, Combined with classical guitar and piano it brings a seriousness of pure intoxication with which It lures you in for the theatrical opera of chaos that is about to ensue. Then  Thanatos“ imprints on you with its hard hitting speed beats mixed with demon like growls and sweet melancholy chords that play in the back ground. The layering of this album can only be described as magnificent, Like a Chopin of metal in which he captures the vibrations and the notes and transforms these into music, moulding his own emotional Universe to his own image and likeness and you are invited to worship his work in all its glory.

Chapter II – The night in the human world starts off with Nyx and Oizys;  they bring a sense of sincere calmness to you with an ease you’ve longed for. The piano flows effortlessly just like a mothers lullaby to her unborn child. The innocence and bliss Agheros makes you feel is intoxicating. The song Emera has combinations of instruments that is alluring it gives you a sense of hope and freedom while the guitar playing triumphs and the drums stir up anticipation. Songs like Ker strike a chord with classical guitar to sweep any woman off her feet with its seductiveness.

It’s a perfect balance of obscure metal elements overwhelmed with atmospheric and ambient components. He knows human pain and pleasure so well. Lord Agheros captures the true essence that is you with his inhuman soundtrack of this decadent era. In my opinion its an aphrodisiac for the tortured mind and heart that thirsts for enlightenment. A must have in your collection