Laceration - Tortured Inauguration (Ukem Records)

Extremely brutal and gory but without tech bravado, these lads attack your eardrums with 24 minutes of horror and splatter fun!

Not exactly a band to hear in your romantic times, Laceration from the UK is what I call rude death metal: programmed drums, heavy riffs, and mega-guttural growls make a sound like the happy moments of serial killers in this excellent EP.

Traumatic Insemination and Gorging on Putrid Orifices showcase the band's no-frills, direct assault without silly intros or fillers. Nothing really new or remarkable so far, but cool to hear…

However, the third track Human Tikka Masala is pure, mega fun! A doomish sound and absurdly massive riffs turn into a deep guttural binge, and send shards of death metal shrapnel all around… The last part of the music is pure entertainment and it hybridizes the synthetic sound of Mortician with Suffocation’s Effigy of the Forgotten.

Force Fed Fecal Matter has no shortage of fun and the interchanging riffs and guttural utterances in the intervals got me by the balls! It’s laughable and I’m not being derogative!  As one can easily note, Laceration have really classy song names! This tune (the longest of the EP at over 4 minutes) has ”blast beats” parts as well, but the tempos are exactly the same maintaining the consistency of the song.

The fifth track Condemned to Torture may not be as gummy as the aforementioned “ballads”, but it has its moments.

To complete the void, 3 tracks of pure live devastation in an undisclosed pub are included, and judging by the reaction of audience, with just few fortunate viewers.  For my happiness Human Tikka Masala is reprised. Score!

Footloose and fancy-free, Tortured Inauguration is for those moments when all that you need is a fix for your gory obsession. Excellent release!