Incantation - Vanquish In Vengeance (Listenable Records).

Release Date: 
27 Nov 2012 (All day)

Incantation are one of those bands that have always been around, and have always destroyed! Their sound has been copied by various acts (I'm looking at you, Grave Upheaval), but if you want the best, forget the rest.


Vanquish In Vengeance kicks right off with the punishing Invoked Infinity, a trademark Incantation number, with mid section slowdown applied.


The vocals of stalwart John McIntee are the best I have heard from him. He has really evolved as a vocalist since taking over the front man role on the Blasphemy album in 2002.


He rasps and growls his words with total conviction on all the songs, and the phrasing and lyrics are truly sublime. John also carves away on guitar, laying down some fine axe work and blistering solos.


The Vanquish In Vengeance album reminds me a lot of their first album Onward to Golgotha, which is not a terrible base of reference! This release has an overall live feeling to it, which only accentuates it's fury. 


The overall production has a dark, and raw almost live feel, and Incantation know how to write a riff. The guitar of Alex Bouks also provides a slightly clearer tone compared to that of John’s. His solos are also quite searing, and chaotic at times. They range from short little flurries, to longer, more intricate compositions.


Drumming, courtesy of Kyle Severn is trademark Incantation. Musically they have always come from a sludgier, doom(ish) angle, rather than the hyper technical. And Kyle switches from brutal blasts to almost sounding like he is going to fall off his kit sloooowness.


On the bass we have the demonic hum of Chuck Sherwood, who at times gets a little lost in the mix. His thumpy intro on Transcend Into Absolute Dissolution warms up the song, as it builds up to a lurching crescendo.


Incantation are masters of what I like to call ‘The summoning riff’, by this I mean the sounds is almost hypnotic and occult. You can imagine Cthulu being awakened by the notes and progressions this great band create.


Other highlights of this genre defining album are Progeny Of Tyranny, the title track and From Hollow Sands.