Hordes of the Morning Star - Consummatum Est (Metalhit.com)

Sharp production + Grim Black Metal = superlative USBM


Originally recorded in 2010, Consummatum Est in its first version didn’t seem so attractive, maybe because the execution of the album, maybe because the production, maybe because of the mastering, or maybe because of something else. The fact is that having the exact same tracking list, that version was a flop.

Now two years later, this is the remake, an inexplicably marvellous version of the very same opus. The production is razor sharp, and it’s set to transform Hordes of The Morning Star as the next bigwigs in USBM category. 

The people behind the task, with only one letter added to their names are the same buggers of the noise/gore/disgraceful band Intestinal Disgorge, so they are no strangers to the scene, only for the sort of sophisticated kind of black metal they dare to execute.

Being of the brutal death metal persuasion, of course, influences appear in their black metal, which makes it heavier than usual, like in the third track Ashes. But the band sounds more like an American Watain than a crossover of styles. 

All the 9 songs of the album are intense but I highlight the next track called Sentinel (which in its original version had an keyboard as an intro and here it’s no more), it’s a decent work to say at least. The riffage is an instantaneous earworm and the song has its rapid and slow parts, all did in a dynamic way, that it does induce the listener to repeat it again and again. 

Other memorable tracks are the last two: Cut My Throat and Bury Me and Carrion Throne, being the last with its Father Lucifer invocation the grimmer of the album. 

Another fact that helps the task is that the album clocks at 35 minutes, for any listener (and Satan knows, reviewer) it’s a perfect time for an album.  

Indeed, Hordes of the Morning Star seems more European in nature, but they will add heaps to USBM roster with this intelligent choice to re-record a whole album. It’s a superlative work. Order yours and brace yourselves for what the future shall bring about this newest bid of American Black Metal. 

Consummatum Est is out now on Metalhit.com