God Seed – I Begin (Indie recordings)

One of metal's most revered duos is back, and this time with a full band.
Release Date: 
23 Oct 2012 (All day)

So when Gorgoroth split up, Gaahl and King ov Hell had to start over with God Seed. That was sufficient for them to record a live album in Wacken before the band called it quits, then Ov Hell came as a continuation with Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir) and now that Gaahl is back in the game God Seed has resurrected with this primordial piece of Nordic black metal.

Curiously they are the one of the few cult bands of the heyday of Norgwegian black metal that continued loyal to their style. 

This album, I Begin, showcases that they still believe in Scandinavian black metal in essence and the base is the heaviness which pours from songs like This from The Past between others.

But they are surrounded by the bands which changed their sounds like Enslaved or Borknagar (just to name a couple) and inevitably they started to incorporate some elements, such as 1970’s keyboards, and I dare to say that was what keeps I Begin from being ANOTHER black metal release from old pals.

But God Seed isn’t only Gaahl or King… the team is completed by a myriad of good musicians such as Sir (Djerv, Trelldom) on guitar, Kenneth Kapstad (Motorpsycho) on drums, Geir Bratland (Dimmu Borgir, Apoptygma Berzerk) on keyboards and Lost Kilman (Grimfist) on the guitar.

It’s a complete band not just relying in the genius of two stars of the black metal scene. 

That’s what the main thing is that will attract some to their cult and repel others. They ARE NOT  a continuation of Gorgoroth. Those who have been disappointed by the latest Gorgoroth releases will have a reason to rejoice. 

Altogether this is an album which MUST be listened several times before a solid judgement is made. But it’s worthy and will grow inside cultists of Norwegian Metal. 


 I Begin is out now on Indie recordings