Eversin - Tears On The Face Of God (My Kingdom Music )

The sounds of war: this is what Eversin put into music with "Tears On The Face Of God"
Release Date: 
26 Nov 2012 (All day)

Eversin- The band was born in the early 2000, under the old monicker of Fvoco Fatvo, from the union of two minds called Ignazio Nicastro and Giangabriele Lo Pilato.Then in 2010 this  band returned to its old status as a trio to release Divina Distopia to the world. Now in 2012  Eversin is back and stronger then ever Unleashing Tears On The Face Of God. According to My Kingdom Music, the album is "able to join metal of the past with metal of the future for a music that succeeds to represent a pure sonorous massacre across epicity and power."(sic).

 Tears on the Face of God;  from the moment it hits, you can recognize the seriousness of the album. With its first track For the Glory of Men,  a  chilling, entrancing melody of the music box sends shivers down your spine.You can picture the beauty as it melts away, disintegrating . You can hear the chaos ensuing, as you feel the funnels of Ashes filling the sky you start to run as you're knocked by the bodies of mass hysteria like rag dolls being scattered about. The distant cries of a child echo in your mind, terrifying and gut wrenching. The true feel of fear. and then like a punch in the face they hit you with Prophet of Peace. yet you beg for more. Songs like Nightblaster  (FeaT. Tony)" show just a new unique dynamic to this group - the change ups are insane yet it never loses its flow or impact! The guitar solo just locks you in for the ride!  Elsewhere Death inc  makes you feel that heat inside your soul, the slow rhythm of the riffs cries out. A must hear!

The chugging guitar accompanied by epic speed beats leave you white knuckled .while the rough and aggressive vocals are promising satiation - the vocals of Angelo Ferrante are like food for the ear. They capture a true nightmarish death in the finger plucking of cryptic horror. You can feel your self sinking through the clay as you scream and struggle in slow motion only to find the hand of hate push you down into the darkness that is war.

In my opinion this is a must buy. it has a presence, and it reminds me why I love Metal. The rush it gives you, the truth it can speak. The power it can give to a voice. As it digs into your soul,  in that moment let it consume you . Take a page from EVERSIN'S' book of hymns !