Dragged Into Sunlight - Widowmaker (Prosthetic Records)

A soundtrack to die to...
Release Date: 
5 Nov 2012 - 12:30am

Strap yourself in for the UK’s Dragged Into Sunlight’s Widowmaker. Billed as NOT being the follow-up to their 2010 debut Hatred For Mankind, this three track beast demands the listener’s full and undivided attention. Call it blackened sludge, doom or death metal. Call it what you want. I don’t think it’s listening.
Part I is minimal – it’s atmospheric and reminds me of a soundtrack for a fucked up grind-house movie – both haunting and complex, it throws in violins and piano at weird angles while ringing guitars and a massive bass (the back-bone of this track) jump out of the speakers to threaten and menace the unsuspecting listener. Add some disturbing sampled monologue and it’s like being on the moon; cold and suffocating. Produced by Tom Dring, it’s a thoroughly engaging composition – and that’s what DIS do; they don’t just write, they compose (and not in an arty-farty sense either).

Part II is like being slapped across the chops after the restraint of Part I; the guitars appear particularly heavy and it’s sludge and doomy fudge all the way. The band don’t identify individual members beyond allocating a single letter, with T (on vocals) wailing and screaming to great effect. More samples kick in and, is it me, or is it getting claustrophobic in here? Everything’s coming in at me (after several listens I find the sound levels both clear and muted; depending where the listener is ‘at’). Suddenly it all gets a bit death metal, then there’s a brief reprise. Suddenly it’s heavy and fast. No! Slow! Argh! It’s all over the place…

Part III again leans heavily towards the sludge/doom categories; it’s almost reminds me of The Melvins in places with the screaming guitars and tortured vocal line. DIS chuck in some more samples and slow the pace to a crawl. It almost gets a bit groove-based at one point (but even the groove is weird and distorted). Is this the sound of the body shutting down, seconds prior to death? If so, it’s a damn fine soundtrack to die to.

Watch these fellows. They’re going to be huge*.

*Prediction courtesy of the Albert Petersen Psychic Hotline.