Devil I Know - Devil I Know (Inverse Records)

Finns with a melodic bent and some nifty chops...
Release Date: 
2 Nov 2012 (All day)


Finns Devil I Know purvey a catchy brand of modernish sounding hard rock that will please the ears rather set off the pit; That’s not a criticism by the way, merely a pointer to the fact that DiK (stop giggling at the back) despite bandying about names like Avenged Sevenfold and Black Label Society in their PR blurb, aren’t quite as heavy as they’d have you believe. In fact second track One Last Dance has more in common with latter day Bon Jovi than anything of a more metallic pedigree, which in my book is a good thing but which might frighten off your average MaF reader.

Vocalist Matias Melleri has a deep, sonerous voice that’s superbly fitted to the material on show here – beefy enough to handle the heavier stuff but with enough of a melodic edge to carry the generally tuneful choruses found throughout the album, and he’s superbly backed up by the rest of the band, especially guitarist Roni Seppanen (who also plays in death metal outfit Tracedawn I believe) who glides between crunchy riffage and fluid leadwork beautifully. Open Your Eyes is a pretty nifty bit of twenty first century radio rock whilst Bells of Death, despite the doomy title, brings to mind nothing so much as Tom Cochrane’s eighties pop hit Life is a Highway with its jaunty riffage and big choruses before Seppanen lets rip with a tastefully controlled bit of shred come solo time. 

Things drag a little after that; Melleri sounds a bit strained on Insomnia and struggles to carry the tune as Seppanen turns up the heat riffwise, but things get back on a more even keel with Overrated, a song with a superbly foul-mouthed chorus which is catchy enough to be all over the radio (does Profanity FM exist? It should), whilst Not Anymore returns to the Bon Jovi template with its rousing singalong chorus and sassy verses.

Things peter out slightly as the album closes with the rather perfunctory ballad Other Side, but overall this an interesting album that’ll appeal to people who enjoy their metal on the milder side, or don’t mind a break from the heavy stuff once in a while – nice job guys!