Bust A Move – There’s No Place Like Home (Bastardized Recordings)

German metalcore to annoy the neighbours.
Release Date: 
19 Oct 2012 (All day)

No, not those machines you see in arcades where dedicated teenagers and drunken adults try their hand (or feet) at dancing, Bust A Move is the newest progenitor of formidable hardcore.

The German quintet, with only one EP under their belt previously, ploughed through the towns of their homeland, no doubt leaving a trail of sweat and blood, before writing their debut LP. There’s No Place Like Home is the result, and it’s a mixed bag at best.

Bust A Move claim heavy influence from the likes of Pig Destroyer and Slipknot; terrifyingly brutal with the occasional arching hook. The guitars are loud, low and combine superbly well with the blasting drums. The vocals come in chilling, deep growls with some tasty satanic overdubs; a very nice touch.

The fearsome force of Swallow The Pill Of Disrespect and The Lions Prey plunge deeper into the black depths excavated by the slamming coupling of Contaminated and Inner Demon while Catharsis Of The Damned is a stonking example of prime metalcore.

The big problem with There’s No Place Like Home is it does sound very samey. This is both good and bad news: good that no matter where your starting point here you will hear half a dozen or so crushing tracks bristling with anger; bad because, well, they all sound like that.

A little variation and There’s No Place Like Home could have gone a lot further. There is lots of promise here in preparation for album two, but Bust A Move needs to get their house in order first.