Bonded by Blood - The Aftermath (Earache)

Thrash metal. Pure and simple - nothing added, nothing taken away.
Release Date: 
2 Jul 2012 - 11:30pm

You know me. Ageing thrasher, seen it all, very rarely impressed by anything trying to pass itself off as thrash these days unless it has a bit of a crossover edge to it… Tired of the endless stream of second rate Pantera wannabees and no-hope failed death metal bands jumping on the bandwagon… all in all a bit of a jaded old hack as it goes.

Which is why its all the more refreshing to get handed something like The Aftermath. I’ve managed to avoid crossing paths with Bonded by Blood thus far save for a couple of in-one-ear compilation contributions, convinced that any band taking the name of perhaps the greatest thrash metal album of all time wasn’t really worthy of my attention. I was wrong, so very wrong. Bonded by Blood are a little bit derivative, its true, but really when they slip into top gear on the likes the frankly excellent Among the Vultures or the Onslaughtesque Left Behind this really doesn’t matter. New vocalist Mauro Gonzalez has the perfect voice for this kinda stuff, all ragged, hoarse yet still IMMENSELY powerful, whilst rhythm section Carlos Regalado (drr) and Jessie Sanchez (brr) have thunderous and breakneck thoroughly under control.  Sanchez in particular stnds out with his interesting four string flourishes marking out as a bassist of above average capability.

Perhaps most importantly, The Aftermath is an absolutely enjoyable listen. Immediately captivating, the likes of the aforementioned Left Behind really will get you going from the moment you hear the first note, and you can't say that often these days. A lot of thrash bands are either hell bent on some sort of post modern comedic take on the genre or are altogether too dour and worthy for my liking. Bondeed by Blood realize nothing’s more important than the thrash and they get on with the job in hand with a refreshingly unpretentious air and some ‘keelar’ riffs to boot. Great stuff.