Bestial Holocaust – Into The Goat Vulva (

South American old-school powerhouse... With female vocals!
Release Date: 
17 Jul 2012 - 12:30pm

Originally released by Iron Bonehead, Into the Goat Vulva is being re-released in the US via with different artwork, and if the name of these Bolivians doesn’t ring any bells, it is because you’re alienated from the kult world of classic death/black metal.

This band is not new, but rather have recording material (demos, EP’s) since 2003, so they are not in the scene posing as new rock stars. 

But if you’re asking about the sound, just imagine Nifelheim and Vulcano on steroids, unmerciful songs for the arcane black/death ritual. 

Comprising 8 songs of rapid, sure fire hardcore/double kicking assault, the songs are all alike, but that’s not exactly a problem, if your only aim is to praise the lords of antiquity. 

Highlights may appear like the killer riff in Virgin Lust – the third track- (the only English-sung track of the CD), and the ambrosial Eterna Transmigración (the seventh track), with a rifferama akin to that made in United by Hatred, the classic Destruction’s tune. It’s not paltry in any means. 

But when you hear the raspy and infernal screams, you’ll be shocked to discover that the vocals are made by a Colombian girl called Sonia Sepulcral. She musters the spirits of the 1980’s and the black metal of the beginning of the 1990’s to deliver the most infernal and menacing attack of blasphemous yelling. Hearing the track Demonios Devoradores one can barely believe that the satanic badinage against the forces of Christ isn’t done by a dude.

From now on, you can easily perceive other elements of bands such Brazilian Holocausto and Sarcófago in the concoction. It’s a neverending whirl of evilness and the fantastic track Premoniciones keeps on scourging the doubters to the ground. 

As cited before, not all the entire CD is full of first-rate earworms, but damn, who needs them when you have one of the best South American acts sodomizing your eardrums with manic speed?

No frills, no fillers, no trends and no poseurs. This is the flag (of hate) Bestial Holocaust embraces and their fight is real. Join their ranks or die exterminated on the wrong side. 

A quick note for die-hards: get your copy ASAP!