Windhand - Windhand (Forcefield Records)

Windhand is a sludge/stoner/psychedelic/doom Rock band that makes you not only drink the Kool-Aid but ask for a second cup.
Release Date: 
25 Oct 2011 (All day)

Windhand was due to release a full length LP this October simply titled Windhand. Many of the tracks had previously surfaced in 2010 on their demo, but they've been retooled and rebooted for this release. Due to a problem with shipping from the plant, the original release date of 25 October was missed. Forcefield Records hopes the actual release won't be to much longer past that date.

Black Candles
opens this album on a decidedly bleak and dark tip. Oh Yesh! Dorthia Cottrell's vocals are haunting and the twin guitar attack of Garrett Morris and Asechiah Bogdan just oozes with evil and despair. The drumming of Ryan Wolfe acts as a harmony to the other instruments and punctuates like nails on a chalk board. The music is strait 70s early heavy metal. It's Black Sabbath with better production. This is a disk you want to find on album to get the richness of tone and full range of sound that can best be heard on vinyl.

Libusen is a sludgy wall of sound. There is force in the music that just knocks you off your feet and takes your breath away. The vocals are witchy and etheral. Cottrell seems to call from a place that is just beyond. The guitar solo is blistering - this is what being burned alive must feel like. The guitar screams and wails in pain. Ryan Wolf's drums pelt you with rocks and his cymbal crashes ring in your ears and sets your teeth on edge. The song oozes lament and despair.

Heap Wolves opens with a thunderstorm. How to set a tone guys! A solo guitar comes and you slide into oblivion. By the time the one minute mark hits and Dorthia's vocals set in, you've melted into the sofa. The song is lamenting and haunting and evil and has mondo amounts of groove.

Summon the Moon is a sludgy scary song that draws you in. Nathan Hilbish's bass is just plain evil on this track. The song sits just behind the beat - slow, creeping, stalking. It then explodes into a trippy surreal trek. Dorthia Cottrell has got to be the best new female singer out there. Her voice is pure and clean and makes the hair on your arm stand on end. She gets into your brain and worms her way to your soul only to pull it out and eat it. This song is a Frankensteinian mix between the Doors, Danzig, and Black Sabbath. If you haven't drank the kool-aid by this point in the album, this song will make you drink it and ask for seconds.

Winter Sun opens with some psychedelic 60s Black Sabbath-esque riffage. It's doom and gloom with a slow molten groove. Winter Sun evokes black lights on black velvet canvas paintings, grey skies, chillin to candle light, and totally tuning in and dropping out. The guitars are distorted,  the bass is heavy and the drumming provides another layer of harmonies. Winter Sun is a 10 minute 40 second opus that simmers from start to finish. They could have ended the song after five and a half minutes but it crashes on like the waves onto a rocky shore. Incessant. Unyielding. Dorthia Cottrell is like a young Grace Slick with her vocals on this track.

Windhand is definitely a band that is going to go far. The music is pure and soulful. This is one album you definitely want to pick up, tune in, and drop out!