Svolk - Svolk 'Em All (Napalm)

Essential listening for the metal-loving Bear in your life...
Release Date: 
17 Nov 2011 - 11:30pm

As you no doubt know, Svolk are the worlds foremost standard bearers of True Norwegian Bear Metal (TNBM); It transpires that this is a niche area in the wider stoner trolldom, with the band wielding their axes with panache to provide a tasteful mix of doom, groove and straight up NWOBHM primitivity to create an extremely listenable racket that isn’t afraid to use a bit of skewed melody to augment it’s otherwise stentorian power-bellow (just have a listen to the staggeringly potent likes of Inferno if you don’t believe me)..

Svolk ‘em All, the band’s second full lengther, is a riotous mess of chest-beating mayhem guaranteed to get the party started should you decide to slip the album into your delivery method of choice when you’ve got company; within minutes your chums will indeed be lurching around like Bears in time to heavy duty party anthems like 12 Times the Pain, a furious, fume-belching leviathan of a track that works wonders on the ol’ limbs if they’re feeling a bit jaded, whilst the utter heaviness of End of Days will simply batter your now wired guests into submission, leaving them rolling around on the floor like stunned mullets and enabling you to move amongst them rifling unhindered through their pockets and appropriating their stash…

Anyway, that’s what would be happening at my place. Elsewhere the kids will just be raising a glass of whatever gets the job done to Svolk, thanking them for presenting us all with such a splendid slab of pure, sweet heavy metal thunder.