Our Last Enemy - Fallen Empires (Riot!)

Aussie act plant the flag for Sydney metal

Starting off with the pounding, face ripping 10,000 Headless Horses, Sydney based Our Last Enemy sure start off with promise. Though the band have only been around for a few short years, there is no denying that they are a tight unit, who know their instruments well, especially when it comes to time changes. It's overall a little hard to pigeonhole the music - as we reviewers often tend to do - but the best attempt would be to say they're a cross of melodic and nu-metal, the latter being evident on tracks like Don't Look Now, which reminds this listener a little of Korn, if one may be bold enough to say. Though the band has also often been described as industrial, it is harder to find traces of this on Fallen Empires, although it is no secret that the band are avid followers of Fear Factory. Nowhere is this clearer than having FF vocalist Christian Olde Wolbers record Fallen Empires. The production is solid, with each instrument standing out, including the bass. Another enjoyable aspect of the production is the vocals, often lost in the mix of many bands. Our Last Enemy seem to have a large local following, already selling out several pressings of their debut EP. Being signed to Australian label Riot!, Australia's number one metal distributor, will definitely help their cause, and hopefully with luck they will also find proper overseas distribution. Though Fallen Empires may not be everyone's cup of tea, including those who prefer their music of the most extreme variety, it is still a worthy enough album to purchase, especially for those who like to support our home grown talent.