Iron Lamb - The Original Sin (Pulverised Records)

Thunderously good stuff!
Release Date: 
28 Aug 2011 - 11:30pm

If it’s straightforward, scuzzed-up d-beat filth you’re after, then please look no further than this, the latest release from Swedish punk metal ensemble Iron Lamb.

It seems odd to describe something so blissfully dirt-encrusted as being a breath of fresh air, but that’s what this album is. On the band’s facebook page it lists its influences as Motorhead, the Ramones and GG Allin, and, if you throw a bit of Discharge into that equation you’ve got yourself a pretty good description of whats afoot here... As an added bonus they throw in a great cover of the ‘Head’s Poison for good measure, and if there’s one song that sums up this band it’d be that. Pure, unadulterated speed freak early eighties Motorhead right down to the bluesy Fast Eddie soloing (although there’s a fair bit of Wurzelesque wah-wah madness going on in the uptempo numbers too).  In their lighter moments – Dubious Preacher, for instance – there’s even a bit of Hellacopters creeping in round the fringes, but bullet belted denizens of metals darker corners need not be put off by this accusation of melodically-inclined softness – this is all relative, y’unnerstan’...

Basically if you’ve ever liked anything by any of the bands I’ve mentioned in this review there is not a smidgin of a chance that you won’t love every bedenimmed minute of Original Sin. This punk/metal market is getting a bit saturated at the moment, but Iron Lamb are head and shoulders above the opposition. Utterly fantastic stuff.