Dancing With Paris - The Drought (Own Label)

An encouraging piece of noise from the young Canuck outfit

Like many young bands just starting out on the road to rock n’roll Valhalla, Canadian cub metal Gods Dancing With Paris too often try to be too many things to too many people, with oft-confusing results...

The opening couple of tracks on The Drought will make you feel positively giddy – or possibly nauseous if you’re really of a fragile disposition – as they reel their way through a whiplash waltz of styles. It doesn’t work, of course – by the end of second track Jumper you’ll be seriously thinking about switching off and giving your ears some peace with a spin of one of your mum’s Phil Collins albums, but third track – the excellent Plurals – sees the band settle a little bit and stay in one place long enough to allow their seriously punchy sound to take some effect.

When they do stay in one groove – and a slightly emo-tinged brand of metalcore seems to be where this band operates most effectively – then the band shows enough potential to mark themselves down as being worthy of note. Vocalist James Manning in particular stars throughout, though this is the kind of music where the sum of the parts is always more important than individual virtuosity. A heartening introduction then, and a name worth looking out for in the future.


The Drought is out now. You can find it on iTunes.