Conan/Slomatics - Split EP (Head of Crom)

If they moved any slower they'd fall over...
Release Date: 
1 May 2011 - 11:30pm

Despite the limited nature of the vinyl release of this split EP (only 300 copies of the 12”, though I’ve no idea if the CD will be easier to get hold of), there’s a fair chance most of them will be snapped up by Britain’s ailing National Health Service for medicinal purposes, such are the bowel-loosening properties of the musics contained therein; seriously, if you’ve been constipated for some time, the frequencies operated on by both bands will get you moving again quick smart if you slap this bugger into your chosen music delivery system; and whilst Irish mob Slomatics don’t quite deliver the goods with the same deliriously slothful grandeur as Liverpool’s Conan, there’s much to enjoy here if luded-up sludge and doom is your poison of choice.
Conan display a little more vision than their Celtic counterparts (a little unfair really that Slomatics are going to come off second best when they do absolutely nothing wrong but I guess that’s the nature of split efforts), with the two ‘proper’ tracks (kept apart by a suitably disturbing bit of spoken word atmospherics) moving smoothly across the doom landscape calling at all the points you’d expect. Slomatics operate at a slightly quicker tempo (quicker being, of course, a relative term here), without ever grasping the epic nettle with quite as much alacrity. But that last statement would be to end on a negative, which neither band really deserves, and if you’re one of the growing legion of people who dig this kinda stuff, I’d recommend you move quickly to get hold of a copy of this. Enjoyable stuff.