Bodhum – Self-titled (Independent)

Balls to the wall Brazilian grindcore... in your face!


Coming from Rio De Janeiro, these self-proclaimed “survivors from the 3rd World” bring their abrasive first EP with only 8 minutes of disgraceful attack. Yeah, you’ve read it right: 11 tracks packed into 8 minutes. 

Produced by Perazzo (from the Black Metal band ENTERRO), this EP brings the most unrelenting brutal grind-hardcore attack, a style that, although it has had its own Brazilian version since the eighties, nevertheless shows influences of overseas bands like Napalm Death and Nasum. Although there's a high dose of dirtiness shown here, the sound is treated with the right equilibrium of brutality and  good sound engineering, making the band a promising act for the current decade.

The song Extremo kicks off this hardcore assault, followed by Igreja Nuclear, with its infernal riffage, and the drummer smiting one’s eardrums while scourging his kit with hate and violence.

The sound is extremely simple, yet catchy, making it sound perfect for ears hungry for moshing and pogoing friendly sounds.

Tracks like Lembranças do Holocausto, Cego and so on, show only wispy seconds of noise, inciting more spins to make one certain that thoseseconds really happened and were not a delirium. 

The track Jamais shows a riff much alike to that intro to Sepultura’s Troops of Doom, AND NOTHING MORE. I mean, this is what I call a blitzkrieg.

The closer Refém dos Juros, is a longer track (by Bodhum standards of course), and rounds off the EP perfectly: Fast, mean and brutal.