Veins Iced Over - The Awakening (Indie)

When is the last time you heard Testament and Judas Priest together in concert? If you never have had that experience then check out this album.
This album was a musically sound album from the guitar, to the drums, to the vocals everything fit into place as it should. I especially liked the use of speed in this album.  There are many times in these songs were the group would speed up and slow down the music to make dramatic effects to the messages they are trying to portray in their songs.  This album is definitely something you could pop in your car stereo and listen to from start to finish.  My personal favorites off of this album would have to be:
Visions of Death, track five, because it was one of the faster songs on this album, and it has a great guitar solo; and Purgatory song number six because it was the roughest, hardest, fastest song on this album and I really liked the hard rough edge with this song. This song was different from the others in these respects and really stood out on the album.
With all of this being said I don't think this band pushed itself to make this album the best it could have been. I see a lot of raw talent in this band and I think they could have their own sound if they wanted it but instead their music sounds like old school Testament with Rob Halfordon the vocals.  Also the music sounds like it is from the 80's and with all of the cutting edge music that is out there in the Metal scene today this album just doesn't jump out and grab you. Is it a good album technically and musically - YES.  Will it be the first one you grab six months from now when you want to listen to some hardcore metal? Probably not.
At the end of the day if you loved Testament and Judas Priest and ever wondered to yourself what would the two of them of sounded like together I would highly recommend you purchase this album by Veins Iced Over.