Tenet - Sovereign (Century Media/EMI)

This album is the equivalent of a nail-studded baseball bat shoved up your ass and twisted around to grind yer anus into hamburger meat. You’re gonna love it.
Release Date: 
25 Jan 2010 (All day)

Tenet’s lovely little secret is they’re three parts Strapping Young Lad, a smidgen of Forbidden, and one part Steve “Zetro” Souza, ergo brutalising death-thrash is what’s to be expected here: all jagged riffs and a pummelling tempo buttered with Mr Souza’s ear-piercing squeals. In this scribe’s not so humble opinion, the marriage makes for a bloody half hour of excruciating cephalic carnage (ha!).

Brutal yet beautiful, heavy but still blessed by that melodic touch, Tenet’s Sovereign is quite the edge-of-your-seat experience. The ride begins when the mighty Gene Hoglan’s drums come a-tumbling in a blzzard of blasts, punctuated by Steve Souza wailing as if a rodent just crawled inside his pants and bit his cock. The song is Being And Nothingness and boy oh boy, it’s almost painful to hear. Up next is its far more restrained sibling Indulge Me that’s overshadowed by the savage Crown of Thorns.

It’s on Unnamable however, that the whole shebang ignites in a frenzy of hooks and the most invigorating melody in extreme metal. A more old school thrash-tinged track follows (Take A Long Line) that’s gang-style vocals galore, and when the album is supposed to get fiercer the menacing frostyness of Going Down arrives instead.

Considering the resumes of the musicians involved here, only the best should be expected throughout this slaying platter (and mind you, this does slay better than Slayer). Percussionist extraordinnaire Gene Hoglan is a mean mutha behind the kit, and his drumming unravels with the efficiency of a machine. For guitarists Jed Simon and Glen Avelais, it’s about striking a balance between meaty riffs and the epic stuff, i.e. the orgasmic twin guitar meltdown on the latter half of Hail Hail.

Sovereign's dominion ends with a bulldozer of a title track and when it’s over, the listener can bathe his or her ears in cold water. Tenet has come up with an album for the ages whose power is nuclear. The energy, the excellent production, the master songwriting... The stars have aligned on this release and it’s a tragedy for anyone to miss its wicked delights.

Tenet's Sovereign is out on 25 January 2010 on Century Media/EMI.