Six Feet Under - Graveyard Classics 3 (Metal Blade/Riot)

Chris Barnes and co put down the bong for just long enough to throw out another volume of fun covers.

Six Feet Under is nothing if not predictable – but I strongly suspect that’s much of their appeal.

Graveyard Classics 3 is a disc filled with covers of classic metal tunes from bands ranging from Mercyful Fate, Metallica, and Slayer to Bachman Turner Overdrive (yes, seriously), Twisted Sister and The Ramones. Each song has been adapted to suit Six Feet Under’s heavy down-tuned style and Chris Barnes’ distinctive death growl.

Admit it, the first time you heard Six Feet Under’s version of AC/DC classic TNT on Graveyard Classics 1, you thought it was awesome. You probably still do (as I do myself). Well, this is volume three, around ten years later, and while growled versions of traditionally-sung songs are still amusing, it’s also getting just a little bit tired.

The strongest track on this album is the cover of Metallica’s Frayed Ends of Sanity. I almost enjoy it more than the original – this version has real balls. Slayer’s At Dawn They Sleep has real appeal too – I guess the original was closest to this style anyway. Bachman Turner Overdrive’s Not Fragile is probably the funniest track on the album – perhaps being the least metal out of all of them. Or maybe that honour goes to Van Halen’s On Fire, where Barnes makes good use of his high-pitched witch cackle as well as his bong-gurgle growl. Or perhaps the funniest track is The Ramones’ Psychotherapy, where we get to giggle just a little at Barnes growling the line “I’m a teenage schizoid”. Or Prong’s Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck – let’s face it, the original was funny on its own.

Ah hell, the whole album is comedic gold.

Is Graveyard Classics 3 what we were expecting from a Six Feet Under covers album? Yeah. Is it enjoyable anyway? Hell yeah, it’s hilarious. Is it likely to be in constant rotation on your iPod, car stereo or whatever? After the first few listens, probably not, although it might make an amusing playlist addition for parties.

Do we wish they’d put out another album of original songs instead? Just a little.

Six Feet Under's Graveyard Classics 3 is out now on Metal Blade/Riot.