The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis (Season Of Mist/Riot)

Complexity? Yep. Insane and off the wall themes and composition? Yep. Melody? You bet. The Dillinger Escape Plan deliver this and more, all wrapped up in Option Paralysis.

The Dillinger Escape Plan is a unique musical entity in today's musical world, they create their own style of pure musical insanity which is a combination of some heavy riffage/noise stirred in with amazing technicality and, at times, some beautiful melodic passages.  This time, the band threw everything into the musical pot and have served up their latest release Option Paralysis .

The sonic waves of the guitar chords in the introduction of Farewell, Mona Lisa are somewhat of a mellow pre cursor for the insanity that is about to ensue. Then... BAM, it hits the listener in the first two minutes like a Mack truck at an insane speed. The release hits you with the off-the-wall jazz meshed with punk-like guitar work, off-kilter drums (courtesy of newest member Billy Rymer), and vocals from frontman Greg Puciato that would peel paint off walls. Then the gears change into the melodic size with Puciato's clean vocals into something like Mr Bungle would have done back in the day.

Following the brief violent barrage that is Dillinger Escape Plan in Dear Neighbour, Option Paralysis takes a different change of pace in the oddly titled, but insanely catchy, Gold Teeth On A Bum with its sugar sweet chorus (similar to The Real Thing era Mike Patton) that will stick in your head for plenty of listens. This is definitely a "single" type of song that could reel in some naysayers without totally scaring them away.

While those two songs demand a lot of focus, the remainder of the material takes a similar route. We have the brief blasts that strike and decimate without the listener even realising it, in tracks such as Endless Endings, Crystal Morning, Room Full Of Eyes and the Meshuggah-tinged Chinese Whispers (which shows off guitarists Ben Weinman and Jeff Tuttle's fretwork), which take on more of a role to showcase the skills of the musicians in the band. There is also the more experimental side n some songs that take The Dillinger Escape Plan on a different path at times especially in Widower and in the closer Parastic Twins which reminds me of a cross between Aphex Twin and Massive Attack. Some people argue that a lot of The Dillinger Escape Plan's material sounds the same and like endless noise; well, with Option Paralysis, those people will be proved wrong.

Option Paralysis is an album that forces the listener to sit down and take everything in without being overly technical and musically wanky. It can sit against their previous efforts with no problem and yet also stands out on its own as an individual release. They aren't reinventing the wheel in their genre but they are improving on it with each release and still crush their peers with ease.

The Dillinger Escape Plan's Option Paralysis is due out late March through Season Of Mist/Riot Entertainment.