Daysend - Within The Eye Of Chaos (Stomp Entertainment)

By fusing a modern metal sound with a melodic element, Daysend deliver their newest effort. This release will hopefully kick some doors down,turn some heads, and open some ears.

Since the band's inception in 2002, Daysend has become one of Australia's premier metal acts. Their initial releases, 2003's Severance and 2007's The Warning, were well-received by critics, the metal community and their fanbase alike. Flash-forward to 2010: Daysend have completed their latest effort, Within The Eye Of Chaos and it is a solid continuation of the band's musical journey.

Daysend have always been ones to fuse metal with melody, and some very catchy hooks. There is plenty of all three on Within The Eye Of Chaos. It seems that Daysend has leaned more towards the modern metal sound that is quite popular in today's metal scene, without losing the elements that made the band what it is. It really shows in some of the tracks: the album opener (and first single) See You In My Nightmares, The Coldest Of Disasters, Down This Hole and Simple Minds. But there are also tracks that scream old-school Daysend, such as the blistering Mindless, Acid Laced Fiasco, and the infectiously catchy tracks Questions and In This Moment.

Daysend are on the top of their game on Within The Eye Of Chaos, guitarist Aaron Bilbija is a true master of his instrument, from his tight and heavy riffs to the mindbending and insanely technical lead work. The rhythm section of bassist Meredith Webster and drummer Wayne Morris sounds better than ever and is very prominent within the mix; vocalist Mark McKernan delivers his best performance to date with a new-found level of confidence and execution - from his venomous screams to his melodic singing.

The production on this release was overseen by Darren "Jenk" Jenkins, who is becoming one of the go-to names for Australian metal bands such as Switchblade and Black Asylum.

As mentioned above, a lot of the material on Within The Eye Of Chaos has taken on a sound that is reminiscent of many modern metal acts, such as,
for example, Killswitch Engage. At times some of the cuts sound a bit too similarly in that vein, although they don't sound exactly like a carbon copy. There are enough of Daysend's old-school elements here to maintain a level of originality that will satisfy old fans, and may well make them some new ones.

If you like the modern metal style, Within The Eye Of Chaos is right up your alley and worth your hard earned dollars. Put all those big bands aside for a while, and listen to a band that works much harder and does it a hell of a lot better than a lot of the big international acts.

Daysend's Within The Eye Of Chaos is due out late February through Stomp Entertainment.