Barn Burner - Bangers (Metal Blade/Riot)

Plucky Canadian quartet release an excellent debut in the face of possible apathy...

In any field, timing is everything. And Canadian metallists Barn Burner may just be about to learn that eternal verity’s, um, veracity in harsh style.


The problem is that, whilst Bangers is actually rather a good record, it comes so mired in a sound that screams ‘Son of High on Fire!” that it can’t help but be swamped by the upcoming release of the aforementioned’s new blockbuster Snakes for the Divine, out just a week after this.


This is undoubtedly a shame, because there is much to enjoy here. It's just that punters are more likely to be enjoying what's on the HoF elpee than this. Breakneck opener Holy Smokes recalls Alabama Thunderpussy, whilst elsewhere Fu Manchu and the Fucking Champs lurk stealthily in the shadows (and indeed in the songs – but in a good way, let me assure you). The epic Brohemoth is a sludgy doomfest of frighteningly good proportions, whilst the staccato bark of Half Past Haggard brings some out n’out metallic fury to proceedings just as things look in danger of getting a bit one-paced.


So, Barn Burner have proved they pretty much tick all the boxes required of a band that will inevitably be termed ‘stoner metal’ (how could they not with song titles like Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow?), but is that enough in the circumstances? I’d like to think so – Bangers is certainly worthy of anybody’s attention. But can they survive the waves of serpentine hysteria about to break on the shores of stoner metal’s roach-strewn beach? That, ladeez an’gennelmen, is up to you.


Barn Burner's Bangers is out now on Metal Blade/Riot.