White Wizzard – High Speed GTO (Earache/Riot)

Holy time warps Batman, is this a diabolical plot by the Joker? I’m trapped in a world of twin guitars and leather pants!
Release Date: 
6 Jul 2009 (All day)

No Robin, it’s California’s White Wizzard with their mini-album High Speed GTO. 

Seven songs of old school heavy rock that would make any NWOBHM fan punch his fist in the air, shake his head in time and wail on the air guitar!

Gosh Batman, it’s awfully catchy.  I love those guitars.

Yes Robin it’s very Iron Maiden isn’t it?

And that drummer.  He’s tighter than Catwoman.

I’m sure I wouldn’t know Robin.

What's this song Batman? It's making my mask go all sweaty.

I believe it's March Of The Skeletons, Boy Wonder.

Gosh these guys know how to have a good time don't they?  My hair is growing longer by the second. Batman?

Yes Robin?

Can we ditch the spandex and tights and buy a leather jacket?

No son, but don’t worry, spandex will be back soon too.

Are you sure?

Of course I am Boy Wonder.  Just listen to Octane Gypsy.  If that isn’t the sound of a pair of spandex pants and leather boots marching over the hill why, I’ll give Alfred a raise!

From what I’ve heard you already have. Well, can we trade in the batmobile for a GTO?

No, but I will let you drive.  And by the way Robin, is Catwoman really that tight?

Oh yes Batman.  And she wails like this guy too.

To the batmobile Robin! And bring that album. We are going to crank that fucker up on the batspeakers and hit the town.  I want High Speed GTO so loud that it sets my utility belt off. You do have Catwoman’s number don’t you?

White Wizzard's High Speed GTO is out this July on Earache/Riot.