Dying Fetus - Descend into Depravity (Relapse/Riot)

Dying Fetus returns with Descend Into Depravity, but it's not a descent at all. In fact, it's an ascension back to the deathgrind throne!


I have a tendency to over analyse albums sometimes. I will break every single track down to its components and figure out exactly what is great about a song or what blows about it. This can be a real chore and I often end up not liking an album I really enjoyed upon a casual listen! This was not the case while picking apart Descend Into Depravity, the crushing new album from deathgrind veterans, Dying Fetus. This one is a musician’s wet dream!


Other reviewers have already been calling Descend Into Depravity a return to form for DF and I couldn’t agree with them more. Even though their previous three releases were solid, they seemed to lack the over-the-top crushing aggression of their classic 1998 release, Killing On Adrenaline. Each of the three had a couple stand out songs each, but Killing On Adrenaline was a complete deathgrind masterpiece. It had the groove, the brutality, the musicianship, the gut-puked vocals, the lyrics, everything. Descend Into Depravity is all that Killing… was and more!


Descend… is Dying Fetus’s first go around as a three-piece, not replacing the departed guitarist, Mike Kimble, and I was initially skeptical that DF would retain their overall powerful sound. Man, was I fuckin’ wrong, as Sean Beasley is such a skilled bassist, he shreds it just like a rhythm guitar and more than adequately fills the void left by Kimble. Listening to Beasley riff, tap, scale, and sweep along with guitarist/vocalist/founding member, John Gallagher, is complete aural enjoyment for fans of quality musicianship.


Not to take away from Gallagher, who is up to all his old sweep picking tricks and enharmonic sickness. The groove that has become the band’s trademark remains, but is darker. I think it would be harder for most to give Dying Fetus the pathetic misnomer "wigger slam", as the breakdowns are much less "bouncy" or hip hop inspired this time for the most part… Just devastating, neck snapping, death groove.


This is also the first album to feature the capable drumming of Trey Williams. Trey’s tight skinsmanship really drives every riff of every song on the album. Whether it’s the metric ton of groove found on the opening of Atrocious by Nature, or the manic blasts found like those found on Shepherd’s Commandment and Conceived Into Enslavement, Trey gives every track a solid foundation on which to destroy ears and necks.


Vocally and lyrically, the band is sticking with the formula they’ve maintained since their establishment. Beasley and Gallagher trade-off between screams and furnace belches as the band done effectively on every album. The lyrical territory remains in the realms of revenge beatings, World War II, corruption, and unbridled hatred for mankind. As I mentioned before, this comes off as a much darker release than their past albums, so you don’t find any of the tongue-in-cheek lyrical humor of their classic Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog on Descend Into Depravity.


Descend Into Depravity is surely the band’s darkest and most accomplished album to date. The band seems to have found its brutal second wind. I don’t know if it is due to trimming down the line up, or the addition of Trey Williams behind the kit, but something has rejuvenated Dying Fetus. Descend Into Depravity is the skull crusher that puts Dying Fetus back on the deathgrind throne!


Dying Fetus's Descend into Depravity is out now on Relapse/Riot.