Despite - In Your Despite (Sound Pollution/Riot)

Holy brain suckers Batman I feel like I’ve lost half an hour of my life! What happened to me caped crusader, some fiendish plot by the Joker perhaps?.... Batman and Robin discuss the latest album from Despite.

That was no fiendish plot, Boy Wonder, that was Swedish metal band Despite.  You’ve been listening to their debut album In Your Despite.

But I don’t remember listening to anything, my masked mentor.  Are you sure?

Of course I am Robin! The same thing happened to me yesterday, and the day before. In fact I’ve listened to their fine blend of modern death metal with lashings of thrash twelve times this week, and I can’t remember a thing!

Is that a good thing Batman?

Depends if you want to remember it my boy. Personally I can’t see the point, but then I haven’t been able to do that since I got this stupid utility belt anyway.

This is no time for double entendres caped crusader. I want my half hour back!  Life is too short to listen to dull metal, there’s too much good stuff out there.

I agree, my titan in tights, but I think you might be being a little unfair.  Despite aren’t a bad band, they're just…well… just…

Instantly forgettable caped comrade?

Well yes, Boy Wonder. I guess you could say that.

Say what?

Ah good to see the act is coming along Robin.

It’s no act Batman, my brain loses something every time I listen to that album, which is unfortunate since they aren’t technically that bad.

It just lacks something though doesn’t it lad, even Albert, who never has a bad word for anyone said it was dashingly forgettable. Great musicianship, great riffs but a waste of a good tea coaster was how he described it.  Nothing there to make you want to push the play button again.

Except if you forget you’ve already played it Batman.

My god you’re right, Robin, and you will forget every time!!  If this isn’t one of the Joker’s fiendish plots it damn well should be!  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

How so masked marvel?

Well think about it Boy  Wonder. After you play the album you don’t even remember it.


Well then you’ll go out and buy it again.  What a marvelous marketing tool.  An album that sounds okay while you’re listening to it but that you cannot remember at all afterwards.  Sheer genius, the Joker would be proud.

Sort of like your dates with Catwoman then Batman?

Whatever do you mean Robin?

Well she always says that they’re instantly forgettable!  And you could probably fit this album on a 3 inch disc…

What?!  Get me the batphone Boy  Wonder, I want a word with that feline fibber!