Copremesis – Muay Thai Ladyboys (Paragon/Earsplit)

When your name means “vomiting fecal matter” you really are setting yourself up for bad reviews aren’t you? But you know what, these shit spewing death/grind New Yorkers nail it on this, their debut album.

I have to confess I am an old fart and I usually prefer my music to have those silly things like melodies and lyrics I can hear, so I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the death/grind genre (hell, any genre really) but Muay Thai Ladyboys is one ugly album.  From the cover art to the insert pics of the band’s many groupies to the cd art itself, let alone the music, this is damn ugly. That said, I have to admit I liked it.

There’s some great guitar work here (and occasionally it even rises above the muddy mix to let you hear it), a twisted sense of humour, the songs actually go long enough for you to get into them - but don’t worry you purists, they are still only a couple of minutes at a time - and it just taps into the right vein.  The rattling drums get on your nerves after a while though, and even though you can’t understand a word it would have been nice to hear the vocals a bit clearer. The mix is just a little too murky at times and you have to really listen to catch just how good the guitar work is. The final track Tetsuo also contains a bonus track but, be warned, there’s a lot of silence too, like another thirty minutes – WTF? But it is on that final track that the guitar and vocals really drag themselves up for more than just a few seconds and show you how good Copremesis is, despite the band's joking around. These fuckers can play.

Names like Malignancy, Anal Cunt and Iniquity have been bandied around, only AC means anything to me, but it's that same twisted sense of humour that gets Copremesis across the line. They have pics of Asian ladyboys on the album, on their MySpace site they call themselves  pop/surf/Christian rap, they throw in pig squeals. They don’t take any of this seriously: they’ve been around since 2001 and have only just got their shit together for an album… it all adds up to a bunch of guys having a good time, playing hard, fast and ugly - but above all enjoying themselves.  I know that’s a strange thing to say about death/grind/hump/technical whatever this week’s catchphrase is, but it’s what comes through – these guys are having fun, it shows, and those shit-eating grins are totally justified.  Yeah I’m an old fart but I’ll be cranking this one up again.

Copremesis' Muay Thai Ladyboys is out now on Paragon/Earsplit.