Conspiracy - Concordat (Pulverised/AmpHead)

One man band Alex “Carpathian Wolf” (formerly Al’ Hazred of Melechesh) unleashes his second solo album under the Conspiracy moniker, Concordat. This release is an unapologetic, back-to-basics punch in the face.
Release Date: 
6 Jun 2009 (All day)

On this album, Alex throws in some basic, distinctly thrashy elements into the guitar work and combines traditional tremolo picking with punk-styled shredding. He manages to pull off some tasteful thrash/black metal sounds while keeping the production niceties to a minimum and adopting a back-to-basics approach to song arrangement. The stripped-down production goes very well with the overall mood of Concordat, giving the record that uncouth, old-school, bad-ass feel. Having said that, whilst this album is the work of one man, its overall sound is so cohesive and unified that the listener is none the wiser.

The record is technical in some parts, but on the whole, Alex employs simple, smart, meat-and-potatoes power riffing, staying true to the classic, underground black metal/thrash sounds of the '90s era. The majority of the tracks are fast, direct, and packed with raw power. The blackened crust-inflected Die in Style is an empowering, mosh-friendly shredder, while the slower track Faith serves as a break from the feverish pace of Concordat; it’s a sludge-style folk-ish battle march that makes one want to grab the battle axe.

By and large, what makes Concordat great is an ingenious ‘less is more’ approach, as well the creative amalgamation of speed and melody, which ensures that the album is anything but monotonous. While Concordat will appeal to a cross-section of metal fans, the old-school black metal elite are definitely in for a treat. 

Conspiracy's Concordat is out now on Pulverised/AmpHead.