Norway has a new festival; introducing Midgardsblot...

A festival presumably themed around vikings getting blotto on mead and beer (which works for us!)

On 20th-22nd of August this year Midgardsblot Metal Festival will be held for the first time at Borreparken, Horten.

A three-day open-air festival with folk rock, metal, true Vikings, family activities and a beer-festival of craftbeers with beer tastings and authentic mead.

Midgard – In the park of Borre, where the mighty rulers of the Norwegian Vikings lived, feasted, and were laid to rest. The park was a headquarters for power and culture in the Iron – and Viking age. The park has several great grave mounds and the great Viking Hall at Borre, Gildehallen, is a unique reconstruction of a great mead hall of the viking aristocracy. This is where the festival area will be with an outdoor stage, the Beerfestival and the Viking market surrounding it. Here you can meet real Vikings and get a feel of the Viking life. During the day there will be guided tours, panel discussions, lectures, exhibitions and beer tasting from handpicked craft beer labels. The festival will also have a great and diverse programme for children with activities for the whole family! The festival starts with folk rock bands from Norway, Sweden and Denmark and in the evenings some of the world’s leading extreme metal bands will enter the stage. Midgardsblot invites you to the world of the Vikings and exceptional concerts in unique and historical surroundings!

All ages! Children under 18 can enter with parents.

Midgardsblot lineup

Einar Kvitrafn Selvik (Wardruna) – Full acoustic set
Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) - BardSpec 
Attila Csihar (Mayhem) - Void ovv Voices