Lillyè release video for Who I'm Meant To Be

It’s been a long time since Sydney had a native rock band that could stand along side the classics like AC/DC, Rose Tattoo or The Divinyls, Lillyè represent that loud and proud Australian tradition, a five-headed rock n roll animal ready to set the scene on fire.

Today, Lillyè unveil their video for Who I’m Meant To Be from their Self titled EP. Shot in 32 degree heat on the same day Virginia arrived back from Afghanistan after singing for the Troops. She went straight into stunt training and yes, in those boots!

Directed by Jad Haber who’s CV is a mile long and includes music videos and commercials, and has worked with an impressive range of artists and clients.

Watch Who I’m Meant To Be, and Lillye’s previous clip for Under below.

Led by firecracker frontwoman, Virginia Lillyè, the band have been treading the boards on stages all over the country bringing raw, in your face rock and roll back to the masses. Virginia’s mighty roar channels the spirit of Chrissie Amphlett and has the rage and conviction of Skunk Anansie’s Skin - It takes you by the ears and does not let up.

Seething and soaring hyper-powered tunes with dynamic hook laden melodies delivered with an unbridled passion and skill, Lillyè is the pure essence of rock. Be prepared.