Andy Martongelli: Spiral Motion teaser and track list unveiled!

Arthemis guitarist teases new solo album...

Andy Martongelli (Arthemis) gives you a taste of his new instrumental solo album titled Spiral Motion, which will be released on November 5th.

Check out Spiral Motion's teaser here:

Spiral Motion tracklist

01. Eternal
02. Screaming Ninja
03. Infected-Garbage-Blues
04. Venomous
05. Father
06. Cyber-Hammmer of the Gods
07. Dark Days
08. Phoenix Rising
09. Dead Symphony
10. Bite the Bullet

Andy states 'I'm very proud of this album as the Spiral Motion represents my journey through the most important thing in my life that is the Music. It all started with a Metallica tape when I was a little kid and the Spiral Motion is getting bigger and bigger every day, giving me new life all the time through new music, touring and traveling the world, real life experiences'.

'From classical music, 70's prog rock, metal, rock, movie soundtracks to fusion, blues... you can find everything here! This album - it's me 100% and it's truly written from the heart; it's very I am'.

'Life is a spiral. Once we're in we twist, we turn and no one can stop're the only flame who can keep that motion alive, forever!"

Spiral Motion  is available for pre-order on ( and ( and soon on, iTunes and other digital platform.