Rotting Christ to Tour Australia in 2014

Packing A More Violent Punch Than Ouzo!

The Greek masters of extremity, Rotting Christ will headline HEAVYFEST in Sydney and Melbourne, with the addition of a headlining show in Brisbane. Touring nationally with Rotting Christ are Sydney’s extreme music terrorists The Amenta and Melbourne’s blackened horde Terra Australis.

With an illustrious career spanning over 25 years and hailed as one of the most forward thinking bands in extreme music, Greek metal legends Rotting Christ will anoint our shores for their first ever headlining tour of Australia in January 2014. Renowned for their unparalleled, intense and supreme live show and for having a wealth of classic back catalogue material to perform, the opportunity to witness Rotting Christ in the flesh is not missed by any metal fan!

Formed in 1987, Rotting Christ have never compromised or conformed; they have always been true to themselves and their musical vision. Rotting Christ’s early work helped lay the foundations for what we know today as black metal with the release of their essential 1993’s debut Thy Mighty Contract. Rotting Christ have since evolved into one of the leaders of modern dark and extreme music, creating a sound that is truly their own. Their albums have reached cult like status around the globe - classics such as A Dead Poem (1997), Genesis (2002) and Theogonia (2007) have earned the band praise, accolade and a huge, devoted fanbase. Their 11th studio album Kata ton Daimona Eaytoy (2013) - which roughly translates to True To Your Own Spirit, has been hailed as a new standard in extreme music by fans and media alike. Rotting Christ encompass being true to your own spirit; continually progressing musically and philosophically, never compromising and wholly dedicating themselves to their darkened art.

2013 has been a busy year for The Amenta – with the band releasing their stellar album Flesh is Heir; touring nationally with Cradle Of Filth and embarking on their own Australian headline shows. They will deliver their unrelenting live show as part of the Rotting Christ tour package, before once again locking themselves away to create another audio masterpiece of sonic terrorism.

Melbourne’s black metal warriors Terra Australis will spill forth their blackened hymns to audiences around Australia on their national touring debut. Having made a name for themselves in the underground black metal scene with a string of blasphemous releases, Terra Australis will undoubtedly win over audiences national wide with their classic BathoryHellhammerVenomSodomizing black metal attack. You have been warned...

Special early bird tickets will be available for the low price of $39 (plus booking fee) – for all of September (from Oct 1st full price). / /