Moshpit Tragedy Records: Entire Catalogue on Bandcamp.

100% of Proceeds to Benefit Animal Charity.

Digital punk & metal label Moshpit Tragedy have uploaded their entire 65 album catalogue to Bandcamp. Each album is available for free streaming in it's entirety and can also be downloaded for free or a donation.

100% of proceeds will go directly to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, near Stratford Ontario.  Cedar Row is a place of hope for animals rescued from the abuse, neglect, and slaughter found on meat, milk, and egg farms.  Hundreds of animals have been rescued since the sanctuary began in 1999.  Founded and cared for by the Poole Family, the non-profit rescue organization relies on donations to cover the financial needs of the sanctuary.

Moshpit Tragedy founder Rayny Forster comments:  "We'd like to show the world that kids who are into the punk and metal culture can actually be a group of really positive people.  In many instances people on the outside looking in just see all the black clothing and long hair and assume it's all about negativity.  But in fact, that is just an outlet to help get all the frustration out.  Many people involved are also supportive in animal rights and other humanitarian activities, and we are happy to be able to help promote this sort of positive action.  I would like to thank all the bands we work with who have graciously agreed to ultimately give their music to this worthy cause."

No stranger to doing things differently, Moshpit Tragedy has since 2007 become known as the first label to pioneer the 'pay-what-you-want' concept, which later exploded with the rise of websites like Bandcamp.  After acquiring legendary underground bands like Extreme Noise Terror, Amebix and Phobia to it's roster, the label began partnering with other labels (including metal giant Relapse Records), and even got the attention of Scion A/V, who put on a live Moshpit Tragedy showcase in Los Angeles in 2012.