Hypno5e: Australian Tour Cancelled.

The French band pulls out just three days ahead of the first date...

French post-metal band Hypno5e have had to cancel the upcoming Australian tour due to a medical emergency.
"I was contacted early this week to be informed that Hypno5e had a medical emergency concerning guitarist Jo " comments the bands Australian label representative Truth Inc Records manager Greg Shaw "Unfortunately as a consequence the band have had to cancel the Australian tour as Jo was hospitalised. I have been informed that Jo is doing ok, but cannot comment on the nature of the condition at this stage "
Hypno5e were to tour Australia from May 11 - 19 in support of the bands new album Acid Mist Tomorrow. Greg Shaw further states " A tour will be re-scheduled for later in the year, and Hypno5e apologise for the circumstance but have declared the bands determination to get down here as soon as able".