Hypno5e: Acid Mist Tomorrow Tour Dates Confirmed

And a new album released to boot!

Intense as they are ambient, French metal act Hypno5e are a very unique band in the heavy music genre. With a sound that is wide in scope and what it can encompass, Hypno5e surge from the dark with frenetic off time riffage and mammoth driving grooves through to the light of the most captivating and intriguing musical passages you are likely to hear, not only from a heavy music band but also arguably from other musical genres. The band will be touring Australia from May 11 - 23 to present the bands new album Acid Mist Tomorrow to an Australian audience. The album will be available in mid April through Truth Inc Records (Truth Corroded, Lynchmada)

With an intense live performance that offers technicality, depth and virtuosity, backed by an intriguing audio and visual accompaniment to the bands light and shade delivery, Hypno5e will be equally crushing and captivating  all who witness the French titans, as the band has demonstrated worldwide in support of bands such as Gojira, Abigail Williams, Hacride, The Ocean, Revocation, The Binary Code, The Amenta, Lynchmada and Truth Corroded.

Epic, sweeping, brutal and progressive, Acid Mist Tomorrow is a revelation of the brilliance heavy music can offer.

Get a copy of the album and get along to one of the following tour performances :

11/05 Melbourne - The Tote              
12/05 Adelaide – Enigma
15/05 Canberra -  Basement Bar
17/05 Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise Beergarden
18/05 Brisbane - Jubilee Hotel
19/05 Sydney - Venom Nightclub