Gods of Eden... Gods Indeed

No Limits...

It’s proving a delightfully demanding year for Sydney’s Gods of Eden so far; directly off their self titled EP launch, the tech prog outfit not only announces the signing to Australia’s Welkin Entertainment but a support alongside those defiling death Swedes; Dark Funeral on the Sydney stint of their highly anticipated Australian tour, plotted for Friday 23 November at Factory Theatre.

Joining the ranks for this ominous occasion are Singapore’s Draconis Infernum, southern Highlands beast, Norse, Katabasis & Erebus Enthroned.  

Gods of Eden have continuously pushed the limits of creativity and technical ability and their blood, sweat and tears have paid off. The band are currently in preparation for a national tour with hopes to head overseas in the near future. We can expect great things from these alternate theorists.

The debut EP ‘Gods of Eden’ is now available via www.godsofedenband.com

Tickets to Dark Funeral Australian tour via www.metropolistouring.com