Limited Obliteration

Obliteration Release Their Classic 'Nekropsalms' LP on Vinyl Via Forcefield Records.

The four apocalyptic hellraisers of Obliteration have teamed up with Richmond, VA powerhouse Forcefield Recordsto release the vinyl edition of these death metal maniacs' incredibly well-received Nekropsalms LP. A limited pressing will be available on black (334 available), yellow w/black haze (55), and yellow vinyl (134).

This instant cult classic of posercrushing brutality dropped yesterday (May 17th), and is now available for pre-order here:

Obliteration rose up from the woods of Kolbotn, Norway (the same small village that Darkthrone and Aura Noir call home) in 2001, and have been blazing a trail through the international metal scene like men possessed, destroying crowds and desecrating stages at the likes of Hole In The Sky Festival, and the Maryland Death Fest as well as on tour in the States/Europe (often alongside brother band Nekromantheon). Originally released by Norwegian label Fysisk Format in 2009, their sophomore record received rave reviews from both the underground hordes and more mainstream media. Nekropsalms has been awarded Album of the Year honors from Norwegian magazine Natt og Dag, the Osloprisen (Oslo-Prize), and many words of praise from the likes of Terrorizer ("old school as fuck but epic in scope"), Metal Hammer ("defenders of the filth-ridden faith") and many more. Fenriz has long championed the band, saying of Nekropsalms: "Well, Obliteration SUCCEEDED in what we in Darkthrone tried to do on our two first albums - they have here delivered a brand new old organic sounding death metal masterpiece, but it isn't only death, as these fantastic musicians like ALL the right bands from when they were born and BEYOND, from the 60s 'till 90's crust and 80s thrash and even a touch of sludge (remember Dream Death?) and black - I present you the Norwegian album of the year - easily!"

The band are currently working on their third hellish offering, to be released by venerable Norwegian label Indie Recordings sometime later this year.

OBLITERATION performing at Live Evil Fest: