Einherjer Reveals Track List and Album Details!

The comeback album drops on September 9th!

On September 9th the legendary viking metal band Einherjer releases its comback album Norron.
It is without doubt an album which combines the best qualities from all of Einherjer’s previous albums. It’s dark bombastic and aggressive, but still atmospheric, beautiful and melancholic.
The album was mixed by Matt Hyde, known for his work with Slayer and Monster Magnet. It was recorded at the bands own studio in Haugesund and produced by the band's Frode Glesnes himself.
Norron has the quality to send you on a musical journey where your present dies and all your senses start to relive the music. Where you are plunged into a life of forgotten wisdom, beliefs and forces. Where all that was lost and taken has been resurrected. Where you stand steadfast on Norse ground, calling for revenge from your heathen heart.
Gerhard rambles on…“This is an album that has caused much joy and despair in the creative process. I hope and believe all the blood, sweat and hard work reflect and colour our relentless pursuit of creating something beautiful, original and epic, and at the same time giving you the raw and attacking feeling of the real Viking Metal spirit.”
1 - Norrøn kraft
2 - Naglfar
3 - Alu alu laukar
4 - Varden brenne
5 - Malmting
6 - Balladen om Bifrost

Frode Glesnes – vocals, guitars, bass
Gerhard Storesund – drums, synths & samplers
Aksel Herløe – guitars & bass

Guest vocals – Eirik Svendsbø
Mixing & mastering – Matt Hyde (Slayer, Monster Magnet)
Producer – Frode Glesnes