Kivimetsän Druidi reveal “Betrayal, Justice, Revenge” cover art & track listing

Kivimetsän Druidi reveal the cover art and track listing for their new release “Betrayal, Justice, Revenge”, due out April 30th, 2010.


Finnish fantasy metal shooting stars Kivimetsän Druidi and Century Media Records are proud to present the cover artwork and track listing for the upcoming new album Betrayal, Justice, Revenge.  The artwork mirrors perfectly what the Kivi's are all about, taking you on a fantastic journey into another ancient world.

The first pressing of the album will be a special edition featuring awesome packaging and two new bonus tracks. So, be quick and don’t miss out on this special release available everywhere on April 30th, 2010.

Special Edition track-list:

1          Lament for the Fallen

2          Aesis Lilim

3          Seawitch and the Sorcerer

4          The Visitor

5          Manalan Vartija

6          Tuoppein'nostelulaulu

7          Chant of the Winged One

8          Of Betrayal

9          Desolation: White Wolf

Bonus Tracks:

10        Veljet

11        Where Hope and Daylight Die