Incantation cancel weekend performances in Belgium and Holland

Having cancelled two performances over the weekend in Holland and Belgium, Incantation are still set to play the Hostile City Death Fest in Philadelphia.

Legendary US death metal act Incantation has been forced to cancel their appearances at this year's Stonehenge and Mass Deathstruction Festivals.

Incantation frontman John McEntee has issued the following statement.

'It is with great regret we announce that we had to cancel our headlining festival appearance at the Stonehenge Fest in Holland and the Mass Deathstruction Fest in Belgium this weekend. Between us and our booking agent we did all we could to try to make the fest appearance happen, but only after many attempts we had to come to the conclusion that there was just no way to make it happen. We want to thank both fest organisers for giving us this opportunity. We also want to thank all our supporters that were looking forward to our performances. We know that both promoters are very stand-up people, and I'm sure both fests will be a great success.'

Incantation is still scheduled to appear at the Hostile City Death Fest in Philadelphia, PA on August 27th as well as the Noctis IV Metal Fest in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on September 24th.

Check out HostileCityDeathFest and NoctisIVMetalFest for details on each festival.