Cauldron Black Ram return with Slubberdegullion

Australia's Cauldron Black Ram return with their concept album Slubberdegullion.

Australia's death metal pirates Cauldron Black Ram return with Slubberdegullion, the follow-up to their 2003 debut album Skulduggery. They deliver a concept album that will instantly transport you to an era of sea-faring skulduggery and voracious villainy.

The sound of Slubberdegullion is down-tuned, heavy and chalked filled with old school riffs set to twisting labyrinthine rhythms, topped with a variation of nasty vocal styles which perfectly personify the pantheon of rogue-like characters set forth in the Slubberdegullion saga.

Cauldron Black Ram's Slubberdegullion is original, essential and out now through Weird Truth Productions (CD) and Blood Harvest Records (Vinyl). You can pick up your copy here.

Cauldron Black Ram will be hitting the road with Australian dates before heading off to Finland later this year. For more info and tour dates hit up the band's MySpace.