Netherbird wants you to contribute a solo for their next release!

Swedish black metallers Netherbird have two releases coming up and for one of them there is a little spot where you (yes, YOU) could join the ranks of Netherbird as the lead guitarist. If you play the guitar or if you know a friend who has got the skills, read on!


Netherbird will cover four tracks and one of these is the fantastic Nepenthe by Sentenced. Are you a skilled lead guitarist with access to equipment to record a solo for this tune? If you are, then don't be afraid to give this a go!


Below is a player where you can hear the part of the tune and instructions on where to start playing you solo and where to end. You can also download the music as an MP3. 


Record your lead and send it (or a link to a place where we can hear it) to Netherbird will listen to all contributions and the ones they like the most will be placed for a vote on the band's website. The one with the most votes will be included on the song.


Nepenthe solo/lead

NETHERBIRD | MySpace Video



Download of mp3


Some things to note

1) You will be listed as part of the recording line up for the cover EP

2) This release will not be available on CD, just as a free download release (including all four songs in high quality mp3 + pdf-artwork)

3) You will not receive any money for your participation, since Netherbird will not earn any income from this tribute to the old masters.


Technical demands from our producer

1.) 24bit, 48kHz, Mono, Wav or Aiff   (Prefered)

2.) 24bit, 44.1 kHz, Mono, Wav or Aiff

3.) 16 bit, 48kHz, Mono, Wav or Aiff

4.) 16 bit, 44.1kHz, Mono, Wav or Aiff


"The audiofile must not contain any delays, reverbs, compressors or other fx. Just plain grim distortion! If delivered with any dynamics or Fx addded, the file will be disqualified from the contest!"


If you have skill and ambition, give this a go. The worst that can happen is that you will not be included. What have you got to lose?


As the band said:


"Grab your axe, make the solo of your life and join us!  Horns up and best of luck!



If you have not heard the original tune, then you have got something grand to discover: