Prosthetic Records

Heaven's Cry - Wheels Of Impermanence (Prosthetic Records)

Classy prog metal without invasive keyboards.
Release Date: 
25 Sep 2012 (All day)

After seven years, Heaven's Cry return to deliver Wheels Of Impermanence, their third album  of quality prog metal.

Ancient VVisdom - A Godlike Inferno (Prosthetic Records)

Intriguing Satanic reissue...
Release Date: 
23 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

Look, we know this has been out for over a year but it seems to be getting something of a reactivation in Australia through Prosthetic Records; We didn’t review it last year

Beneath The Massacre - Incongruous (Prosthetic Records)

Oh Canada, what is in your water!!?
Release Date: 
1 Feb 2012 (All day)

BTM (as the kids call them) have been breaking down breakdowns, and out-spazzing the spazz since just before deathcore took off in the mid 2000’s.

Scale The Summit To Headline Prosthetic Records’ South By Southwest Showcase

'Terrifyingly good, essential prog' is coming to Austin, Texas!

Los Angeles based Prosthetic Records today confirms details of their second ever official South By Southwest (SXSW) showcase in Austin, Texas.

Beneath The Massacre - Dystopia (Prosthetic records)

Beneath the Massacre offer a brain-crushing style with Dystopia that is beyond reproach.
Release Date: 
1 Oct 2008 (All day)